Meat has been delivered from the earliest times – on horseback, by bicycle, in cars and vans.

The late Bill Waring’s grandfather AH (Harry) Waring was a butcher at Taupiri, Waikato. Bill and his father both followed in the trade. The remarkable story of their businesses is told on the Number 8 Network Memories of the Meat Trade.

Like many Bill began as a boy, helping deliver meat around rural areas he says would not be countenanced now. Few people had refrigeration.  There were three electric home refrigerators on his 40 mile main delivery route in 1941. The most popular way of keeping produce cool was in clay pipes buried in the ground in a shady place and protected by a heavy lid.  Little wonder that people shopped regularly.

Increasing car ownership made home delivery of meat and groceries less necessary and butchers gradually stopped offering the service. Now in the 2010’s online shopping through supermarkets is bringing back home deliveries.

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